This band of rabble is known as the GhostRiders , a not-for-profit Living History / stunt company composed of historical reenactors experienced in recreating the Old West and Frontier eras.
GhostRiders interpret using either first-person or generic approximations of frontier people and events spanning the Antebellum years (prior to the American Civil War) up to the turn of the century and Oklahoma statehood.
The GhostRiders provide slices of history for public consumption -- an encampment, street scene, or some similar representation of daily life in the Old West, as well as supplying extras casting and background artists (mounted/dismounted) for the motion picture and television production industry.
The GhostRiders do not mock the struggles of frontier hardship, but rather interpret and re-create the daily lifestyles often overlooked by popular media. We are a troupe of performers dedicated to an honest portrayal based on the best research available (with particular emphasis on the turbulent Reconstruction-era Indian Territory and early Oklahoma). The use of firearms or other weapons in a conflict or opposing-force scenario is never gratuitous, but sufficient to demonstrate the consequences of trying to solve problems with force.

GhostRiders in Judge Parker's Court
(hanging at Bitter Creek)
There's always trouble when the GhostRiders run into our pards from Out Of The Past. another event
Ambrotype by Wendell R. Decker

Film Honors

The U.S. Department of the Interior/ National Parks Service collaborated with the GhostRiders to produce  "It Took Brave Men: Deputy U.S. Marshals of Fort Smith".   The historical documentary has been praised in the Southwest and received awards for cinematic excellence  (L to R: Video cover featuring GhostRider Tim Ridgeway; OKIndieFest winner; WorldFest Houston Gold Special Jury Award.
video cover: It Took Brave MenOklahoma IndieFest 2001 winnerWorldfest


American West and Frontier Living History.

Performers with experience. Our members have appeared on Civil War Journal (A&E),motion picture projectsReal West(A&E),The Return of Lonesome Dove, Desperado, Covenant Rider, Legend, Magnificent Seven (series pilot), Lawrence: Freestate Fortress (documentary), the IMAX feature Ozarks Legacy and Legend, acclaimed director Ang Lee's Ride With the Devil, the Mel Gibson film The Patriot, Disney's Alamo (2003) and the National Parks Service documentary It Took Brave Men: Deputy U.S. Marshals of Fort Smith.

The History Channel See us on The History Channel series "Wild West Tech".

The GhostRiders have also been featured in productions by QVC, FX, United Paramount Network, PBS Home Video, the Cherokee Heritage Indian Education Foundation, Willie George Ministries, as well as educational and historic organizations in Oklahoma and surrounding states.
Non-period film projects include In The Line of Duty; Ambush in Waco,  Twister, The Postman and Ghost of the Red Rose.
Oklahoma Historical Society Blackpowder safety certified.

National Parks Service
United States Postal Service
Oklahoma Historical Society
Fort Smith National Historic Site
Gilcrease Museum of Western History
Woolaroc Museum and Preserve
Tulsa Arts and Humanities Council
Professional Golfer's Association (PGA)
United Paramount Network
PBS Home Video
Tulsa City-County Library System
Tulsa Public Schools
Broken Arrow Public Schools
Sand Springs Public Schools
Cherokee Heritage Indian Education Foundation
Bad Girls Trail Riding Association

Bittercreek camp at Roman Nose
Bitter Creek camp at Roman NoseDownwind
On the gallows in Fort Smith

Playing With Fire

(video stills of a gunfight)

These video stills from a gunfight for television illustrate some of the hazards inherent in simulating a close-quarters firefight. Note the fireball at the barrel of the pistol in the photo to the left, where pressure and super-heated gas are capable of vaporizing flesh. The photo to the right shows streamers of incompletely burned black powder (never wadding -- that's a big no-no) that can travel considerable distance.
Even without a lead ball, professionals always treat blank rounds with deadly respect.

The GhostRiders are skilled in performing western stunts, such as gunfights and brawls. To insure safety, we prepare our own custom rounds (according to Oklahoma Historical Society guidelines) for our period correct percussion and early metal cartridge firearms. For motion picture and video projects, squibs are used to simulate bullet-hits. Live performances include a public safety demonstration on the hazards of firearms.

Our position on historical imagery

The GhostRiders strive to present historical imagery in it’s proper historical context, and make every effort to clarify that historical context in the event such imagery has been or may be misrepresented by others. 

The GhostRiders vigorously defend the rights, privileges and responsibilities of presenting historically correct interpretations of even imagery that may be currently controversial, but opposes the modern misappropriation of such imagery with equal gusto.    Abuse of historical imagery with the express intent of harassment is not in keeping with our purpose of historical education, and is not tolerated within the GhostRiders.


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